#046 Dana Poul-Graf - The Fear Project

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Dana is a cross-disciplinary consultant, mentor, and coach supporting leaders in discovering their authentic path to engage their teams, establish great cultures and live their strategy. With a passion for people, she helps companies, executives, and individuals find purpose beyond profit, communicate that purpose, and act in alignment with it.

"Leaders I work with put meaning back into work and create environments that offer a truly human experience, one beyond rewards and recognition," says Dana. She loves working with people who are ready for the honest intense work a transformation requires. Her work's results bring lasting engagement levels, higher productivity, and, ultimately, higher profits in today's disruptive world.

Dana was born in Slovakia, lived in Australia and the Americas, and calls Prague her home again. These global experiences, diving into different cultures, add yet another facet to the perspectives she brings.

Dana is also the co-founder of the Institute of Internal Communications ( and drives a pro bono initiative, "The Fear Project," to deliver practical strategies for tackling your fears and morphing them into a driving force.

** In the full episode we talked about **

  • 01:44 Dana's corporate career path
  • 03:15 THE question a mentor asked that shaped her career path
  • 05:36 After 15 years corporate life what did she take with her, what not
  • 07:16 What was Danas motivation behind becoming a coach?
  • 11:55 I am such a language nerd
  • 13:05 The mission of the newly formed company was…
  • 16:35 What services were you offering?
  • 21:12 What are you known for?
  • 27:30 What is your intention with the FEAR Project?
  • 31:22 How do successful leaders act in spite of fear?
  • 34:45 How can we learn this behavior?
  • 42:16 What is the worst possible outcome?
  • 47:50 How did the FEAR Project change you?
  • 56:55 Her dream and vision for the future

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