#017 Inés Constantin Kleven

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With Inés we didn't do much small talk. I just started the recording and we went deep straight from the get go. And yes, it is a long one. But just imagine you are talking to a dear friend - time just flies!!

Because this episode is longer than usual I gave you the timestamps this time.

We talked about:

  • 0:00 overcoming difficult situations and talking life changing decisions
  • 4:10 fear of death
  • 7:30 fear of being excluded
  • 11:10 how mindfulness saved her
  • 14:36 how a kinder surprise egg best describes her services
  • 17:50 from economics high school to technical high school
  • 20:23 being a possibilist and not an optimist or pessimist
  • 21:10 being a Saxonian in Romania and later a "Romanian" in Germany
  • 24:07 from being an artist to becoming a chef in Toronto
  • 26:26 how a kinder surprise egg best describes her services
  • 29:20 what her services have in common - search for confidence
  • 30:00 what employer branding means
  • 32:12 her project management experiences
  • 34:40 how she went from "I don't belong" to building relationships
  • 38.23 how to overcome being "stuck" in your own life
  • 40:40 an individual psychology test and what it told her about herself
  • 45:40 fear of taking the WRONG decision
  • 50:05 how she came to decide to become self-employed and what that had to do with the death of her sister

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Inés homepage & Ines on LinkedIn


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Über diesen Podcast

I envision a world where we treat each other with respect, where we feel seen and heard, where our strengths are valued, and where people are assets, not commodities.

This podcast and its conversations serve this purpose.
My guests include the founder and CEO of organizations like Kristin Engvig, Christina Limbird and Chineme Ugbor, international thought leaders like Helen Eriksen and Nilima Bhat and world-renowned coaches like Sherry Bakhtian, Blanca Vergara, Maxine Nwaneri, Laura Gates, Betty-Ann Heggie and many more.


Wenn ich die Augen schließe, sehe ich eine Welt vor mir, in der wir einander mit Respekt begegnen, uns gesehen und gehört fühlen, unsere Stärken geschätzt werden und Menschen, im Einklang mit der Natur, einen essenziellen Platz in unserer Gesellschaft behalten – auch in Zeiten von KI.

Dieser Podcast dient dieser Vision.
Zu Anjas Gästen gehören Gründer und CEOs von Organisationen wie Kristin Engvig, Christina Limbird und Chineme Ugbor, internationale Vordenkerinnen wie Helen Eriksen und Nilima Bhat und weltbekannte Coaches wie Sherry Bakhtian, Blanca Vergara, Maxine Nwaneri, Laura Gates, Betty-Ann Heggie und viele mehr.

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