#020 Blanca Vergara

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"When women actually awaken to their own feminine power and worth, the global economy will change. We’ll take radically different business decisions. This is a matter out outmost importance for the future of humanity and the world." Blanca

We talked about:

00:00 How Covid-19 helped her to become more authentic? Our podcast will be about femine power, about self-worth and money. 02:15 What was the deciding moment to make this your topic? first life stage: anger with the feminine second stage: damsel in distress third stage: integrating her own story including sexual abuse 11:56 It’s now or never! We women have to awaken to our power… 13:49 Law of Attraction explained in a beautiful way 14:02 Women are like water 14:46 Social trauma of all women (ancestral beliefs) Why can’t I speak up in meetings? Why can’t I go live on insta/fb/youtube…? I want to do a podcast, but I don’t do it. Why? 19:55 How do I get to the place of saying “I am worth it!” notice the veil recognise the pattern pattern interrupt (new behaviour) be part of a sisterhood 23:40 The future is feminine, is networks. 24:23 How do we find the right sisterhood? And how do we deal with bullies? 28:50 Become the best version of yourself. 30:25 How do I change my relationship with money? do the inner work have daily rituals have a supporting sisterhood (accountability partner) 33:26 Reconciliation with mother/father is imperative for being successful 35:33 How to start on living the life you always dreamt of. 41:27 Radical Selfishness 43:30 Practical Steps towards self-worth and a good relationship with money educating yourself about the history of women start changing your vocabulary take physically SPACE 50:22 Blanca’s vision for the future


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Über diesen Podcast

I envision a world where we treat each other with respect, where we feel seen and heard, where our strengths are valued, and where people are assets, not commodities.

This podcast and its conversations serve this purpose.
My guests include the founder and CEO of organizations like Kristin Engvig, Christina Limbird and Chineme Ugbor, international thought leaders like Helen Eriksen and Nilima Bhat and world-renowned coaches like Sherry Bakhtian, Blanca Vergara, Maxine Nwaneri, Laura Gates, Betty-Ann Heggie and many more.


Wenn ich die Augen schließe, sehe ich eine Welt vor mir, in der wir einander mit Respekt begegnen, uns gesehen und gehört fühlen, unsere Stärken geschätzt werden und Menschen, im Einklang mit der Natur, einen essenziellen Platz in unserer Gesellschaft behalten – auch in Zeiten von KI.

Dieser Podcast dient dieser Vision.
Zu Anjas Gästen gehören Gründer und CEOs von Organisationen wie Kristin Engvig, Christina Limbird und Chineme Ugbor, internationale Vordenkerinnen wie Helen Eriksen und Nilima Bhat und weltbekannte Coaches wie Sherry Bakhtian, Blanca Vergara, Maxine Nwaneri, Laura Gates, Betty-Ann Heggie und viele mehr.

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